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It has come to our attention now that we are in this transition period between being-on-the-trail to being-off-the-trail, that we acquired a lot of readers who were interested in hearing our PCT stories. (and only our PCT stories).

Since that chapter has come to a close, and a new chapter is starting, we’d like to tell our readers that we are so happy they came on the hike with us. We were reached out to by strangers, friends, family, and countless others along the way, and you helped make the trip what it was. So thank you!

But as we go in to the rest of the summer, we have many trips planned (and already completed) that we’re going to write about, and know that some of you may not want to hear about our every-day day-hikes or backpacking trips that aren’t the PCT.

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For those of you sticking around: thanks for your continued support! We look forward to (hopefully) entertaining, educating, and learning from you as we go on!

~Caitlin & Aaron


PCT: Zero Day(s) (Day 59-65)

06.13.2018 — Day 59
Miles: 0.87 non-trail miles
Camp: VVR (camp lot)

Aaron woke up this morning with an extremely painful feeling in the top of his foot.
“I think it’s a stress fracture,” he said. “I can remember exactly when it happened. I stepped on a rock wrong — and I hear (and felt) it pop.” Continue reading “PCT: Zero Day(s) (Day 59-65)”

PCT: Vermillion Valley Resort, or VVR (Day 58)

06.12.2018 – Day 58
Miles: 14.4
Camp: VVR! (In the hotel, because..issues)
Weather: warmer, especially as we dropped elevation
People: Circus Act, Ziploc, Kate, Slippy

Today was a blur; honestly, most hikes in to resupply points are.
We started the day early (6am), reveling in how beautiful our camp was once again.

DSC07159 Continue reading “PCT: Vermillion Valley Resort, or VVR (Day 58)”

PCT: Selden Pass (Day 57)

06.11.2018 – Day 57
Miles: 17.1
Camp: PCT mile 866.2 (Marie Lake)
Weather: summer perfect weather (mid 70s)
People: Kate, Dogleggers

Since we went a little farther than we had planned yesterday, and we just wanted to set ourselves up for Selden Pass (the last pass before our resupply at VVR!) we ambled our of tent the latest in a while—7:30am. Continue reading “PCT: Selden Pass (Day 57)”

PCT: Muir Pass (Day 56)

06.10.2018 – Day 56
Miles : 17.5
Camp: PCT mile 850
People: Marc + Tammi, The Dogleggers, Kate, Circus Act, Ziploc

Per Guthook:

“Muir Pass is a long and gradual ascent to almost 12000 feet, and is often cited as one of the most difficult passes on the trail due to the miles of snowfields you must cross in either direction to reach the summit. The John Muir Shelter marks the top of the pass.”

Some people did not get the memo about the lack of snow—the people camping next to us woke up at 2:30am, and were loud, waking us up as well. Continue reading “PCT: Muir Pass (Day 56)”

PCT: Pinchot Pass (Day 54)

06.08.2018 – Day 54

Miles : 12.6
Camp: PCT mile 815.6, ~1 mile and 500 feet below Mather Pass
Weather: warm, slightly windy in the PM
People: Marc + Tammi, The Dogleggers, Ass Maggot, 

Guthook’s description of Pinchot Pass is:

“12107 feet high

A major pass in the Sierra, Pinchot Pass is as scenic as the other major passes. The final climb to the final pass is less steep than some of the others, but its higher elevation makes the ascent just as rewarding.”

We had 3.5 miles to the top, plus a couple miles on the other side to cover that might have snow still, so we set the alarm for 4:40, and we were on the trail by 5:00am. (One of our earlier days) Continue reading “PCT: Pinchot Pass (Day 54)”