73 days until Go Time. (aka A Rant about Clothes)

This post written by Caitlin.

So the last several days have been extremely productive!
We reordered our Outdoor Research order. (It was showing as pending on our bank account, but OR said they didn’t have an official order on their end. We had to wait 2 days for the pending charge to drop, then put the order in again. In the 48 hours of waiting, 3 of our things — I say “our” but it was actually 3 of my things — were no longer in stock!) I had to change what color my rain shell was, get a different line of leggings, and a different color puffy. That whole order should be arriving tomorrow! And then we can start field-testing those items.
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One Step at a Time: Final Gear Round-up

This post written by Caitlin.

Oh man.
So, we got our backpacks last week.
We went with the Hyperlite 3400 series after a lot of contemplation. Aaron chose the Southwest version though (solid front pockets), and I went with the Windrider version (mesh front pockets).

I’m gonna be carrying around all the wet socks and clothes cos that mesh pocket will allow that sweet sweet air to wrap around everything and dry it!
My way of paying Aaron back for shlepping the tent around for us both. 🙂
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Let’s talk food.

This post written by Caitlin.

So when you tell people you’re doing the PCT — or rather when you tell people who know what the PCT is, that you’re doing the PCT — some of the most common questions that follow are:

The whole thing?
      Yes, the whole thing.

Wow! How long is that going to take you?
      Well, we’ll be hiking the middle of April to the beginning of September. So, 4.5 months.

What are you going to eat??
      (be a smartass and respond): Uh..Food.

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Sponsorship Love

This post written by Caitlin.

This is our first official blog post, and I gotta say, I had planned on writing something different; something more overarching about our decision to hike the PCT, and our steps of preparing as we enter the new year — but we just have to get this out first, because it’s been overwhelming us (in the best way):


And no, we didn’t get paid to say that. lol.

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